20 Reasons Why I ❤️ Working Remote


I’ve been working from home since 2013. Initially as a freelance app developer, later as Developer Advocate for Appcelerator and The Things Network and currently as Full Stack Engineer for Zapier.

We’ve become so used to commuting to an office, that people often don’t understand why I like and actually prefer to work from home. Fortunately, it is slowly becoming more common. I tell my son that there are two things he’d later find hard to understand looking back:

Here are just some of the reasons, in random order, why I ❤️ working remotely:

  • Never miss a parcel delivery.
  • Have lunch with my wife and kids, whenever they are at home.
  • Visit 2 to 3 new places in North America every year, when I do meet my colleagues in-person, at our company retreats.
  • A commute of two stairs.
  • Enjoy 2 to 3 intense weeks with my colleagues, at retreats.
  • Enjoy 48 to 49 quiet weeks without my colleagues, at home.
  • Attend presentations at school during the day.
  • Work out in a quiet gym, during cheap off-peak hours.
  • Time-shift to the evening on a rare sunny afternoon.
  • Create a workplace that works (for me).
  • If you can’t bring your cat or kid to work, you bring it to them.
  • Being able to pick up a sick child from school, be around when they need me, and still get work done.
  • Coffee that actually tastes like coffee.
  • Keeping Mail and Slack closed is way more effective than any do not disturb sign.
  • Work for the pioneering companies, wherever they are.
  • Not having to consider companies that “don’t believe in remote”, because I’ve found they rarely share any of my other beliefs.
  • Zapier gets my best hours, not my business hours.
  • My wife can leave our toddler sleeping at home with me and run some errands.
  • Likely to be at home when heavy rainfall causes leaks (true story).
  • Join my wife at our dinner table, as she just started to freelance from home as well…

Of course, there are downsides with the upsides, like having to almost build a warehouse for taking parcel deliveries for neighbors, but overall I don’t see myself checking in at an office again any time soon.

If you can now excuse me; I feel like petting my cat as a Pomodoro break. 😉

PS: Zapier is 100% remote and (always) hiring

Originally published at fokkezb.nl on March 31, 2019.

Full StackEngineer at @Zapier ❋ Previously Developer Advocate at @TheThingsNtwrk and @Appcelerator ❋ Learn. Improve. Share.

Full StackEngineer at @Zapier ❋ Previously Developer Advocate at @TheThingsNtwrk and @Appcelerator ❋ Learn. Improve. Share.