• Philipp Schöne

    Philipp Schöne

    Working for Axway as Product Manager creating the best API Management Solution ;-) Dad and BBQ fan in his private life

  • Ani Sinanaj

    Ani Sinanaj

    Enjoying Stockholm and Sweden 🇸🇪 https://progress44.com

  • dhaval


    care, share,grow, web app and mobile (iOS/Android) freelancer, code, blog, be social,muse,art of living

  • John Occhipinti

    John Occhipinti

    Partner @ Relay Ventures, Strictly Mobile Investor, Board of Pubnub, Moj.io, Automat.ai and Kiip

  • Ken M.

    Ken M.

  • Mauro Parra

    Mauro Parra


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