Use Hardware as Trigger for APIs (via Zapier)

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M) protocol heavily used for the Internet of Things (IoT) because it is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport. The Things Network as well uses MQTT to exchange messages between devices and their online backends — or applications as we call them.

The Rise of APIs

Connecting Passive APIs

Fortunately, services like Zapier and IFTTT allow you to connect APIs even if they don’t have direct integrations with each other. Services only need to integrate with them, either by providing passive polling endpoints or actively calling webhooks on different events. These can then be used as triggers to make requests to pretty much any other APIs.

Connecting MQTT and HTTP APIs


IFTTT Maker Channel

Introducing MQTT2HTTP

Here’s an example:

  • Click Deploy.
  • Create a Zappier Zap with a Catch Hook as trigger.
    Here’s an example my test result after setting the Pick off a Child Key option to message:
  • Add one or more actions using the data retrieved via the hook.
    I used Create Spreadsheet Row to store the sensor data:
  • Forget about the MQTT2HTTP process and enjoy endless automation!
    Here’s how my spreadsheet looked a few minutes later:

Future Plans

Of course I still hope Zapier and IFTTT will someday add native support for MQTT and other protocols as trigger and action.

If you use The Things Network, then don’t sweat it. We’re working on some very cool stuff to make this even easier!

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Full StackEngineer at @Zapier ❋ Previously Developer Advocate at @TheThingsNtwrk and @Appcelerator ❋ Learn. Improve. Share.

Full StackEngineer at @Zapier ❋ Previously Developer Advocate at @TheThingsNtwrk and @Appcelerator ❋ Learn. Improve. Share.