We’re very happy to announce Folio is now available on Setapp — a subscription service that gives you access to over 100 great, hand picked, Macs apps for $9.99 per month.

We had been thinking about moving to a subscription model to create a more stable income which would in turn allow us to spend more time on further developing Folio, so when Setapp invited us to join we didn’t have to think long.

You can still buy Folio straight from us for $49 if that’s what you prefer from

Talk to you soon about some new additions coming to Folio!

Since we added collaboration features like sync and conflict resolution we’ve seen a lot of teams in great companies like Autodesk and Accenture use Folio to work together. In some settings Folio works great, but not everybody needs all the features.

That’s why starting today viewing files in Folio is free and always will be.

This means you can now have your product or marketing manager view all the assets in a project (it’s probably for the better they can’t create versions).

How does this work? You can still download the trial and try all features for 15 days. After…

Like most things in life, time travel is more fun together.

Since introducing our better time machine we have found many willing travellers from around the world, thanks!

Among all the great feedback we received, the #1 request was to enable you to travel together with friends.

That’s why we built collaboration into the latest version of Folio.

We reset the trail so everybody can try the new features for 15 days. Download Folio for Mac or just hit update.

Introducing collaboration in Folio 2

Joining a project is as easy as entering its Git url and hitting sync. …

The first version of Folio for Mac was launched on Wednesday the 30th of September. Product Hunt has been great for us, they generated the majority of our traffic on launch day and the days after.

Here’s what we think we did right.

Hunt for a great hunter

First of all many thanks to Bram Kanstein for hunting us. Bram is a pretty successful hunter, and being exposed to all his followers provided an important boost for us.

Get up early

Being based in Amsterdam gave us one core advantage: we’re up really early by American standards. We launched after lunch local time which gave us time to…

Git is a seriously powerful system, but it can be hard to use. We wanted designers to get the benefits of using version control without them having to learn how to use the command line.

Here is how we adapted Git to best fit your workflow as a designer.

Developers know that adding a feature to an app or website can rarely be done by changing a single file. So most commits consist of changes to multiple files. This complicates the user interface of even the most basic Git clients.

After analysing our own design process and asking some of…

Most creatives we know have lost countless hours, weeks or even months of work on old harddrives or ZIP drives (flashback!). Removing a file from your Dropbox folder will delete it after 30 days, and you’ll never get it back.

We believe your work is important and will save it forever.

Imagine having the full version history of every file you ever created in your career safely stored in the cloud and being able to quickly browse and restore any version of it instantly.

That’s what we’re working on.

Why you should be using version control

According to Khoi Vin’s recent design survey 50% of designers already…

Since we’re building a time machine of our own, we of course love the Back to the Future movies.

That’s why we’re celebrating Back to the Future day with a $20 discount. Just use the coupon code BACKTOTHEFUTURE at checkout on FolioForMac.com today.

Enjoy your travels!

We love the idea of Time Machine on the Mac (automatic backups, restore previous versions of your work) but found ourselves never really using it.

Creating something great requires taking risks. Time Machine should be a great safety net.Making sure you can always go back to safety is a great way of enabling you to take bold steps and explore. So, why doesn’t it work?

We found the Time Machine interface beautiful but slow to load and navigate. This makes it hard to find back the version you want. …

Folio for Mac

Folio is a simple version control app for designers. Download at www.FolioForMac.com

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