Building a better time machine

We love the idea of Time Machine on the Mac (automatic backups, restore previous versions of your work) but found ourselves never really using it.

Creating something great requires taking risks. Time Machine should be a great safety net.Making sure you can always go back to safety is a great way of enabling you to take bold steps and explore. So, why doesn’t it work?

We found the Time Machine interface beautiful but slow to load and navigate. This makes it hard to find back the version you want. Photoshop & Illustrator only work from the Finder and you have to rely on the visual preview to find what you’re looking for.

Our solution: Folio for Mac

In order to find the correct version back in the future you need to make a small effort in the present. In Folio you have to explicitly create a version and add a short comment on what you did. This helps your future self finding the exact version you’re looking for.

We find that once you get into the habit of creating version every time you change something significant it becomes a natural part of your workflow.

While comments can be a great help, for graphic files a big preview sometimes tells the story better and quicker. Folio automatically generates previews of all versions of a file and offes a lightning quick way to browse.

Just hover your mouse of the version history and the preview instantly updates helping you find the right version really quickly.

We’re working on supporting everyone’s favorite design tool, but we’re starting with built in support for Photoshop, Illustrator & Sketch. Let us know what files you want supported.

Folio is build on Git, a distributed version control system used by millions of developers around the world to keep their work safe. Learn more on the Git website.

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Folio is a simple version control app for designers. Download at

Folio is a simple version control app for designers. Download at