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Time travel is better together

Like most things in life, time travel is more fun together.

Since introducing our better time machine we have found many willing travellers from around the world, thanks!

Among all the great feedback we received, the #1 request was to enable you to travel together with friends.

That’s why we built collaboration into the latest version of Folio.

We reset the trail so everybody can try the new features for 15 days. Download Folio for Mac or just hit update.

Introducing collaboration in Folio 2

Joining a project is as easy as entering its Git url and hitting sync. This will create a local copy of your project including its complete version history.

Gitlab is great, they offer unlimited free private projects with up to 10 Gb of storage per project. We’ve integrated Gitlab allowing you to publish your projects right from Folio.

To keep things simple, Folio will automatically push any version you create, if there are no conflicts. We’ll periodically check if any of your collaborators have created new versions, and will update your files automatically.

As long as you have Folio running and you’re online, you’ll always know you’re working on the latest version of your designs.

Of course you will always have a complete version history of every file, even if you’re offline.

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Folio’s updated new look

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s say you want to create a version but your friend already made one you didn’t know about (maybe you were offline).

You will get the following dialog:

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You can choose to either use their version (optionally keeping your changes in a separate file), or to make your version the latest and greatest (their changes will still be in the version history, of course).

Ask your favorite developer to help you!

If you don’t know how to setup Git, but still want to start sharing projects, ask your favorite developer to help you get set up. She’ll only have to do it once, after that you don’t need to bother her ever again (about Folio anyway).

We believe the world would be a better place if designers would work together more

We think part of the solution lies in the tools. By making it easier to really collaborate on the same files, we hope to enable design teams around the world to create better products.

Folio is a simple version control app for designers. Download at

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