How to do a successful Product Hunt launch from Europe

The first version of Folio for Mac was launched on Wednesday the 30th of September. Product Hunt has been great for us, they generated the majority of our traffic on launch day and the days after.

Here’s what we think we did right.

Hunt for a great hunter

First of all many thanks to Bram Kanstein for hunting us. Bram is a pretty successful hunter, and being exposed to all his followers provided an important boost for us.

Get up early

Being based in Amsterdam gave us one core advantage: we’re up really early by American standards. We launched after lunch local time which gave us time to build some momentum in Europe. This put us near the top of the homepage when America woke up and kept us there throughout most of the day.

Product Hunt coupon code

We decided to give Product Hunters a special treat by creating a coupon code giving them a $10 discount on check-out. This was by far the most redeemed coupon code we have and drove quite a lot of sales. We mentioned it in the comments and put a banner on top of our landing page using Introbar. Really easy to setup, definitely worth it.


Product Hunt made our initial launch more successful than we would have imagined, so many thanks to the team, everyone who voted for us and our first customers.

Folio for Mac is a simple version control app for designers. For more info checkout or follow us on Medium and Twitter.