Why we’re making Folio free for viewers

Since we added collaboration features like sync and conflict resolution we’ve seen a lot of teams in great companies like Autodesk and Accenture use Folio to work together. In some settings Folio works great, but not everybody needs all the features.

That’s why starting today viewing files in Folio is free and always will be.

This means you can now have your product or marketing manager view all the assets in a project (it’s probably for the better they can’t create versions).

How does this work? You can still download the trial and try all features for 15 days. After the trial period ends, creating new versions will be disabled but everything else will continue to work.

We hope this will make Folio even more useful in your workflow. So please try Folio for Mac and improve the way you work in your team.

You can get it from FolioForMac.com.