Slickdeals for Amazon

A feature designed to track price drops on Amazon

Most college students and young professionals are familiar with Amazon’s website and mobile app. I for one am an avid user of Amazon and after buying a variety of things, I noticed that there was a problem: Amazon’s mobile app has no option to add a price alert.

I was inspired by eBay’s mobile app which always notifies me when a bid is almost up. This is something that would help students and young professionals as most are searching to stretch their dollar and save time.

With this, I saw an opportunity to add a feature that they would love: Amazon Price Alerts.

Amazon Price Alerts essentially alerts the user when the price of their item drops to their optimal price point and also auto buys the item if they choose to. Ultimately this encourages price-conscious consumers to buy more products.

Amazon Price Alerts Hi Fi Prototype


Before I designed my prototype, I set out to find five individuals to test if it would be a viable product. I asked each person what item they were looking to buy, what price it currently was listed for and at what price they would buy it at. I noted down the price of each item and subsequently went on the hunt for cheap deals online. Once I found a deal at a lower price point, I immediately linked or text each individual person their deal. I found out that 4/5 immediately went online and bought the item. With one individual stating:

“It would be great if you could do this all the time”

Oh but you CAN! That is if price alerts ends up being integrated within Amazon’s app.

My experiment indicates that people want deals, and people are willing to buy immediately if its a good sale. It may not directly indicate whether a price alert extension would be beneficial but it does indicate a desire for alerts on price drops.

So with this, I decided to develop my persona & design stories.

Persona and Design Story

Task Flow

Task Flow of Amazon Price Alerts

User Interface Sketches

I sketched a variety of user interface sketches that helped me decide which interface would be most practical and appealing to an audience. I then sketched how my user flow would look like if a user were to add a price alert. From my user interface sketches I went on to create the wire frames.


Things Learned:

As I had different users test out my prototype, I realized a few things that needed to change.

  • Got rid of “x” button to get out of screen and added a “okay” button once you get your confirmation (This attributed to less confusion as where to go after confirmation)
  • Users liked the idea of being able to “View all price alerts” in the homepage.
  • Users also like the idea of being able to auto-buy
  • Users liked being able to exit back out to search results


With Amazon Price Alerts users can save time and money with a click of a button. Users can choose their own optimal price for an item and enjoy the rest of their day without having to monitor their screens for sales.

Disclaimer: I am not affliated with Amazon and am currently a UX designer at Tradecraft. Find me @followlily or