Just cause. Pretty sure Saturday should be renamed into Btday.

Day 8: Lazy day

Saturday, August 30

I was so incredibly tired after the long week and the day before’s trip that I was just too exhausted to do anything that day.

Since I didn’t actually go outside, there’s not much to report on. So, I decided to instead write something about the bathrooms here, because they never fail to impress me with all the neatness.

Lots of sinks! Never once have all of them been taken, and we have TWO bathrooms on our floor.
The very spacious shower (6 per bathroom) with a separate area where you can change and hang your stuff. Shower is activated with a push of the upper button-knob-thing and runs for only a minute or so, which ends up saving water! Cool, right? Not to mention, the showerhead is actually detachable. God damn it, America.

Basically… Tufts, pls.

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