Day 9: Looking for Food

Sunday, August 31

Sunday started off much like Saturday did, except this time I was feeling really guilty about my lack of energy to do anything, so I decided it was time to try and go find some sort of a local place to eat at.

Cloudy with a chance of udon.

Decided to shake it up a little and went along the road instead of going to the area where Sanko (the convenience store I usually go to) is located.

Map of the housing area.
An oddly colorful set of garbage bins and really creepy “Somebody is watching” sign.
It’s a nice little area. Yes, I really like signs about cleaning up dog poop, leave me alone.
I wonder if the owner of the car thinks his number is badass or extremely unlucky xD
Tiny park area.

Decided it could be worth it to stop by a convenience store and buy at least something, in case I do not find a place to eat at.

Daily food = tofu, apparently. Also that fish looked pretty.
All kinds of seasoning for toast. Well, and a picture of the entrance sign, yes, at the very end, laziness > logic.

All stocked up and ready to move on!

Stumbled upon this house with 3 cats. The orange cat is actually contantly glaring at another cat on the other side of the fence, but by the time I realized it and tried to take a picture, the evil thing ran off!

Karaoke feat. tiny car. And a random butcher’s shop!

Not a lot of promising food places so far, tempted to go home. Decided to walk towards the road and saw a school of some sort, but it was closed for the weekend and I couldn’t go inside to take photos.

Fruit shop, where I bought a beautiful, but completely tasteless peach </3. Well, at least I got to use my knowlegde of basic fruit names from Animal Crossing!
Takashi Kitano? Also, One Piece! Woop!
Speaking of One Piece, looks like Usopp got a new job.
Passed by a supermarket, but I had no energy to go inside. Saw a craft store!

Finally found a place to eat out! Opens at 5, and I got there around 5:10.

As if being alone wasn’t sad enough, I was also the ONLY person in the restaurant at the time. It was surprising, because by the looks of it the place probably gets a lot of business based on how many rooms they have and how fancy some of the private dining rooms seemed.

While I was there, there were only two people working, who I just assumed to be husband and wife. The old lady came by to show me the menu, specifically the part with pictures, which was really reassuring, because the food looked really good. She then brought me tea and told me to use the bell whenever I was ready to order. And, even thought I was actually just flipping through the menu to see if there was more interesting stuff, she ended up peeking at me through the doorway, thinking I didn’t understand her and was trying to kill time until she comes back.

In any case, this is the set I got! Eight pieces of simple sushi with some of the strongest wasabi I have ever eaten, and a bowl of delicious kitsune udon! I believe the literal translation of Kitsune Udon is “Fox-Udon”, but I am not quite sure why, because the only way it differs from regular udon is by having a slice of yummy fried tofu as a topping. Ah, well.

The food was delicious and really cheap in my opinion, around $10. As I was getting ready to leave, the owner came out to talk to me out of curiosity, and it was pretty funny, because at first he spoke so fast I could not understand him at all! However, he eventually slowed down and I was really proud of myself for being able to keep up a conversation after so many noms.

I started walking back to the seminar house, but got a bit lost, so I returned using a slightly different route that Google Maps was able to come up with.

I don’t know what it is about these, but I love them.

Finally got home, so take a look at the stuff I bought:

Grape cider (8 cal per 100mL, saw whaaaaa), rice, canned tuna, rice seasoning, olive oil,
dessert pudding (100 cal, say whaaaaaa), peach jello, pickled vegetables,
seaweed, the disappointing peach, tiny pudding capsules, dried squid.

I want to try having a lonely onigiri party by myself for old time’s sake. It’s pretty sad, but I have been wanting to.

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