My Days at Andela Bootcamp 20 (part 3)

The curriculum of Andela’s Bootcamp is a very deep and intense guideline for learning software development. The journey isn’t an easy one, but I’m still pushing it, still solving all the problems before and when they come. Because there’s no other way to becoming a world- class developer other than by solving a plethora of problems. So, this is where I need to be.

My most daunting task for Day 3 was to clone the home page of any popular website using nothing it but and CSS. I worked hard on that task to make it as good a clone as possible. It also made me see why so many people fall for phishing attacks. :-( You may see the result here.

I also had to implement a Binary Search program. This was meant to be used for searching a given array to know if it contained a particular element or not.

And much more…

For all aspiring bootcampers, first of all, congratulations on choosing Andela. Based on what I’ve heard, you have a great journey ahead of you. But you will only start that journey if you succeed at the bootcamp, and you have my assurance that that is no easy feat! A great tip is this: always tend to overestimate any task or assignment you’re given. The task might seem easy, or you’ve done something similar to it before, yet you must still refuse to be caught off guard. Allocate more of your resources (time, money, internet connection) to the said task and get it done.

Similarly, make sure you stay online and accessible while at the Bootcamp. The primary tools we’ve been using for work and communication are Trello, Google Sheets/Docs and Slack. So, you need a fast and steady Internet connection so as to stay informed with the latest development or instruction.

My final word is mingle with, listen to and work with others. If you’re in a group, learn everyone’s name fast and start hacking things with them. There is an amazing synergy and level of productivity that’s created when eggheads meet to talk about and solve a problem. So, work with your supervisors, facilitators along with other bootcampers and create something awesome!

Thanks for reading!