Breaking Badly

"Oh shit man! Oh shit!" Richard shouted as he struggled to get over the high wall.

"Hurry up! The lights are coming on!" I screamed as he struggled to pull his other leg over. The sound of dogs barking and an alarm blaring broke the silence of the night.

"We're so screwed" I said to myself as I grabbed at the tufts of my hair.

The day didn't start any better. Actually this whole month had been messed up to begin with.

"Five hundred dollars Mr Oguntayo" Ms Johnson told me with a straight face that hurt to look at. 
"Where the heck am I supposed to get that kind of money? I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly rolling in money here"

She silently shrugged and returned to shuffling papers around till I believed she was busy.

I slammed the door behind me as I walked out of the office. I knew it wasn't going to solve anything but I needed to vent out some of this loose energy from my frustration.

There was a class trip to a number of countries for the graduating class and more than eighty percent of the class was going. The rest of us came back and forth to the accountant's office to see if the cost would change. Yet there it stood solid at five hundred dollars, crushing my dreams of an exotic fling by the day.

Richard sat in front of the door in a foldable chair that he had set up there for the past week to protest the high cost of the trip.

I laughed as I walked past him. He was going to waste another day just sitting there thinking these guys would change their minds.

"Hey man, hold up." He said with a tone that matched my thoughts. He was frustrated as well. 
"I know you want to go on this trip as much as I do. Maybe even more" 
He sounded like he was about to pitch a multi million dollar idea.

"You want to see those white sand beaches and those oiled, tanned locals." 
My head involuntarily nodded as I imagined it.

"What do you say about a little home invasion? Mr Forsythe to be specific."

My heart sank as my dreams flew out the open window behind us.
"You've got to be joking" I said with obvious disappointment. "That place is a fortress"

"Yeah but I've been thinking about this for a while now man and to be honest, I think I've got a foolproof plan that would crush his defenses"

"Ohh let me hear this plan then?" I said with a little bit of curiosity.

That was the beginning of the messed up month that boiled down to one night that was destined to fail before we were both born.

Richard and I spent the next few weeks looking over Mr Forsythe's house plans, finding the weaknesses of his walls and ultimately how to get into his upstairs bedroom where he kept his late wife's jewellery. It was actually really easy. All this was according to Richard however. Not once did I ask how he knew that jewelry was in his upstairs bedroom when he had never been past the gate.


The night everything was to go down. Richard and I stood on the hill overlooking his house with binoculars we had bought from the local general store. I tossed mine away as soon as I had looked through them. There was a lens missing on one side.

Richard scanned the compound and interior. 
We then sat down for hours until the lights in the upstairs bedroom went out.

"It's now or never man" I said as Richard looked silently at the house.

I could tell he was scared. Hell, we were both scared at this point. If the dogs didn't kill us, our parents would, when they realized why we were getting arrested.

Richard ran down the hill at an angle that would definitely kill him if he deviated from it by an inch.

"White people" I laughed to myself as I followed him as safely as possible.

I met up with him at the back of the house.
He was right so far. The wall here was lower than the rest. It had been chipped away by rain for what could have been years.

I cupped my hands together and threw him up the wall. He grabbed the top wrong and fell backwards onto his back.

"Oww" he said as he got up and nursed his back. "That's not how I thought we would start this night"

I was starting to lose faith in this guy more and more by the second.

We tried again more carefully. This time he stuck the landing but fell over the side of the wall.

"Are you okay man" I whispered to him through the wall.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You're up."

I jumped cleanly to the top of the wall and over the side before landing on my feet next to Richard.

We walked silently by the shrubbery looking for the rear entrance. Richard walked over to the handle and pulled. Hard.

"It's locked" he said.

"No shit, this isn't exactly your house" I said as I pushed him aside and pushed the hair pin into the lock. I jiggled it a bit before I rolled in place and made a clicking sound.

"What's next" I said as I pushed the door open and it slammed into the wall. 
The second it slammed into the wall, our ears were rammed with the worst sounding alarm we ever heard in our lives. Dogs began to bark in the distance from the other side of the house. I looked over to Richard but he had disappeared into the house. The barking sounded louder as I shook to my toes in the place where I stood.

Richard came back with something concealed in a garbage bag before running up to me expecting me to cup my hands.

I hesitated for a second till I saw the glowing eyes of the dogs as they tore down the lawn. I threw him quickly and jumped up immediately before tumbling over the wall into the rose bush on the other side.

"Oh shit man! Oh shit!" Richard shouted as he struggled to get over the high wall. 
"Hurry up! The lights are coming on!" I screamed as he struggled to pull his other leg over. The dogs barked on the other side of the wall and the alarm blared for the world to hear.

Richard made it over and we took off without hesitation towards the town as fast as possible from the house we had probably just robbed.

The morning felt warm. Somewhat more full of hope than yesterday as Richard and I walked over to the pawn shop with a box full of expensive figurines.

The pawnbroker stood facing the TV hanging in the corner of his store with hands over the glass counter. The news droned on about something we didn't even care about. We were too focused on the sheer debauchery that would occur in a few weeks.

Richard placed the figurines carefully onto the counter and rapped his fingers till the pawnbroker's attention was caught.

"How much can we get for these man?" Richard said beaming confidently.

The pawnbroker looked at us, then at the figurines, then at the TV and back to the figurines.

I gulped loudly expecting the worst.

"You're the bastards that robbed Mr Forsythe!"