Yutaka Restaurant

I had a chance to attend Japan-Internship program start from October 14 until December 21, 2016. This is program take on young foreign talent from abroad for internships, Japan achieves greater internationalization for its people and organizations through knowledge building aimed at new developments and expansion of overseas business for Japanese companies, and by changing awareness through working with foreigners and experiencing cross-cultural communication, as well as constructing networks and developing in-house systems in conjunction with overseas universities aimed at securing foreign talent. If you interested in this program, please visit http://www.internshipprogram.jp/english/

So today I would like to write about a restaurant that I had internship now. Our restaurant is only 5 minutes to drive away from Ikeda wine castle. We provide free parking and can serve up to 86 seats.

The most popular menu is Ganko-Oyaji Hamburg steak meal. We also got 1st prize in Ikeda on the gourmet contest of the Japanese TV’s informational program, HTB Ichioshi, in 2012 and 2013. This Hamburg steak is low fat so especially popular among female customers.

Ganko-Oyaji Hamburg Steak 1,280Yen (Not include tax)
Salmon and Salmon Roe Oyakodon 1,300Yen (Not include tax)
Yutaka Third Class Sashimi plate (4 kinds of assorted sashimi) for 1 person 1,280Yen
Seafood Salad 880Yen (Not include tax)
Fried Chicken and cheese with hot pan 680Yen (Not include tax)

Our restaurant also has several menus would like to recommend. If you come to Ikeda, Hokkaido, please visit our restaurant. We are pleasing to serve you with our best.

For more information please check our website: http://yutaka-web.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yutaka.2delicious/