Of Poster Boys and their types.

Movie posters are the face of the movie itself. They are intricate works of art that sometimes are considered more like paintings than a poster. And we all know the craze fans have for these posters. Most of these posters reflect the theme, or a character in the movie itself. So you have like an insight into the movie or a character in it. But some movie posters stand out because of the hero of the poster and not the movie. Typography. Over time many different typefaces have been hand drawn or created by designers like Saul Bass or Drew Struzan. These artists have made people wonder how a movie poster can be a standalone representation of the movie because of one single element called type.

Here are a few movie posters, for your inspiration, whose heroes are type.

Ben Hur. 
A movie poster with a typeset way ahead of its time.

No words, actually. Just wow.

I’m Still here.
So, I see what you did there.

Big Fish.
The film was just as beautiful.

Beautiful Losers.
Everything is beautiful.

Intelligence, pure.

A Clockwork Orange.
As crazy as it sounds.

Burn After Reading.
The twisted nature of the characters, in letters.

Star Wars.
Redefining the whole term, “ thematic”.

The mastery of detail, Nolan.

This is just a small list of out of the box lettering in film posters. 
Have us know what you think and what we may have missed.

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