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BlueStar Donuts @ Venice Beach, CA

The Food Truck Journal is on the go starting….. NOW!

We are Alaina & Meg. The 2 coolest Food Truck foodies in all the land. (Los Angeles). We came together through the seasons; The Four Seasons to be exact.

Our friend-love story was fate. See, one day only 9 months ago, (there are no kids involved in this ramble) Alaina was enjoying an average day in the pastry dungeon of our Beverly Hills hotel, The Four Seasons.

Her daily routine of scooping homemade cookie dough, pulling warm brownies from the oven, and stuffing fresh ricotta cream into tiny cannolis was sadly coming to an end. After dancing and prancing around the pastry kitchen to the Top Ten worst rap songs in America, she realized how exhausted she was. She thought, “I should join my co-workers for a drink after my shift,” (which ended at 11).

Meanwhile, Meg was on the main floor of the Italian restaurant in the same foofy Beverly Hills hotel. Her hands were exhausted from opening high priced wine bottles for guests all night, (as in….ya right she never sold that much wine in a shift). Her night of serving meatballs and attempt to translate the fiery head chef’s Italian rants were excitingly coming to an end. She thought, “Dang, I really need a drink after my shift,” (which also ended at 11).

Sure enough, one tall beer and prissy glass of wine later, Alaina & Meg were at a bar skimming through horoscopes together. It was a match made in heaven! Who would have thought, a Scorpio & Libra (Alaina is Scorpio/Libra cusp), on the road to success?

Success you say? Well, yes. Both Alaina & Meg have bigger plans than staying at The Four Seasons. Although we are grateful for all the knowledge we’ve gained in the hospitality world, we want to open our arms to our true talent, which is baking, creating, and dancing. (free shows after 11 pm). (Also, I’m just kidding.)

Due for another day: our goal to start our own Food Bus. But we can’t share our ideas with you until…. next spring….when we move to Nashville…HAZAH!

In the meantime, we love exploring mobile munchies and mini dive bar nooks that make us happy and inspired! Inspiring all to eat & feel that euphoric feeling where you say….”mmmmmmmmmm” while you’re eating!

So, tag along for the adventure. We will have new reviews and fun crap every week to read, watch, and imaginary-eat through your computer.

But before I go and dream about Donuts, here are “mature” fast facts about Alaina & Meg.

Alaina graduated from Kendall College in Chicago with an Associates of Applied Science-Baking and Pastry Arts. She worked at Four Seasons Chicago as a pastry chef and grew up in Milwaukee, WI, which is why she’s obsessed with cheese, cheese curds, and cheese hats. Oh and the Packers.

Meg used to be a 6th grade English teacher, who moved from Florida to LA and started a reading & baking blog for teens. Bookcookie.com is the shiznit and she loves to think a lot. Maybe too much. Hmm.


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