‘Armless Armerian

So 3 down up to this one. And to be honest me, Meat, and 2Veg are getting a bit of each others company. Well lets just say I am rivetting company and 2Veg is just plain boring conversation. So we crossed the virtual border from Turkey into land locked Armenia and decided a change of tact — we will invite someone along to join us for lunch from now on. This stops me having to listen to 2Veg ask about whether my wife loves him still. And YES — I am happy!

For our Armenia lunch we went to Erebuni near the Barbican and we invited Bill from the fantastic app Crowdwish. We did decide to try and invite

someone from the country of choice along but at short notice BIll did a fine job at pretending to be Armenian. Problem was he was late — but had a good excuse and here’s why. His app is called Crowdwish — I just love it. People post wishes and then like them and each wish moves up a list based on its popularity. For the top one each day, Bill tries to resolve it in the best way possible. Read his blog here — http://blog.crowdwish.com — its great. The reason for being late was he was buying glitter to resolve “I wish that there was no homophobia and fascism and that everyone was treated equally”. Eh? I hear you ask. His small but brilliant way of making a statement to resolve this wish was to send a parcel of glitter to the leader of a prominent far right organisation - “The notion of someone, who probably calls himself a ‘foot soldier’ or something equivalently ridiculous, being covered in stupid glitter then having to hoover it all up with a handheld dustbuster, was too camp and hilarious for us to resist.”


Back to the food. Ok that is a pictire of some Russian beer — we had to do something while waiting.

After our last few meals we have been struggling with the huge amount of food — 3 courses for lunch is not good for us. So this time we sought out some lighter courses.

Our starter was Fried Aubergine and some salad and breads. A great simple start.

The main was a lamb Armenian Dolma and 2Veg had a vegetable version — meat and veg wrapped in vine leaves — really fine food and beautifully presented.

Bill went for a Chicken Kiev -looked mighty fine too.

I forgot to take pictures of the cakes for pudding but my hazelnut thingy was fantastic — very stodge but pleased I had room for it.

Overall I would recommend this place — we could have spent all afternoon drinking Russian beer and talking Wishes.

I wish I could shut 2Veg up sometimes and replace him with………. (fill in the gaps)

So, next stop is Georgia — if you know any Georgians, or anyone called George or Georgia, or even Mildred (70's sit com joke) then let us know and they will get a free lunch.

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