Of gold wrapped in shit…

It was time again for one more blog post and as I had asked my best friend for topics, a flurry of topics emerged on my mobile screen most of which I managed to negate, not because they didn’t interest me but because I was absolutely clueless about them. I could do nothing beyond realising my lack of general awareness and use this as an opportunity to read up on stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have. Some were indeed interesting. Finally I managed to zero in on a few but laziness led to procrastination and reading was delayed. As she is skiing away on an extended weekend in Lake Tahoe and our conversations have come to a minimum, I reluctantly managed to get myself to read and the stupidity that now mankind exemplifies baffles me.

So if news reports are to go by, a few days ago, the law enforcement authorities nabbed a few individuals in completely isolated incidents for smuggling gold in Mumbai airport. Not very interesting, is it? Here is where it gets intriguing- they smuggled gold in their rectums. Yes, you read that right- in their friggin assholes. Chunks of the world’s most precious metal were being moved around in people’s assholes. In other words, people were being paid to shit gold on foreign soil without being detected. Human intelligence clearly seems to have reached a new low, no pun intended. These smugglers in all likelihood would have hoped to reap a handsome profit selling these pieces in the black market, or should it be called the brown market henceforth? The gravity of the crime notwithstanding, have we as a species lost the ability to think creatively? To rephrase that question, are we still able to think creatively without it being cringe worthy?

The onus lies on us to not stuff things in our anus and make future generations take things forward in a positive direction and help the race grow from strength to strength. One way would be for current parents to encourage a habit of intelligence and weeding out stupidity. But what if there is an inherent defect in the gene line that renders a baby stupid? Humans should be allowed the choice to modify their genetic line and create babies for the betterment of mankind. Scientifically these people are known as genetically modified humans and in common parlance- designer babies. Personalisation and customisation seem to be the order of the day and customising one’s babies to one’s tastes seems a fair deal. Might seem right out of a HG Wells novel or the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World. Using this method, parents can impact and alter traits such as gender, appearance, intelligence, disease and personality in their babies.

However, as with other biotechnological innovations, creating designer babies comes with its own set of ethical challenges. Lee Silver has presented a dystopian scenario where genetically modified superior humans look down on the unmodified ones. This technique could also introduce new defects into the genetic pool knowingly or unknowingly affecting generations that would follow. This also poses the hazard of introducing new diseases. Genetic modification of humans is experimentation at the embryo level and it involves the selection of favourable fertilised embryos over the unfavourable ones and eliminating them. Mankind still hasn’t managed to come to a conclusion on abortions and this fact alone can be a serious point of contention that can hamper the pace of research. However, in my opinion, such intervention should only be brought about to alleviate extraordinary suffering that devastates human beings, such as stupidity. Also, these interventions must only be used on genes that are implicated in diseases and not on those genes which have a weak link to that disease. Finally, state supervision in such procedures is mandatory.

This post might seem juvenile but that is because I have just begun reading about designer babies and thanks to my best friend for recommending it. I have clearly struck gold in my reading list of topics that interest me among the other shit that she had suggested. Hahahaha, sounds similar to the Mumbai airport story??