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So just because of some Singaporeans, you’re going to assume that every Singaporeans are rude, snobby and all those other words to describe us?

It isn’t OUR fault that we have this kind of attitude, maybe we are born with it, maybe because other people influence us. There’s always a reason why we are rude, okay? You can’t just assume that we’re rude and you’re going to hate us.

Also, I doubt that even though I apologise for all the Singaporeans act of selfishness and rudeness, you wouldn’t forgive us.

Look, even though I have never, never went to countries like America, Russia, China and so on so on, I never regard them as rude. Can’t you just treat us like you treat the other cultures?

Also, maybe your attitude is like the Singaporeans that you mentioned. Please, when I read this, I can’t control myself but to be angry.

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