Tips and tricks that Jakub, the founder of Foodiesfeed, recommends for shooting the best food photos possible while being “out there”. It’s about what things I’m focusing on when I’m taking photos of food while eating out or traveling. This isn’t supposed to be a food photography 101, neither a post about food styling.

First things first. This post isn’t about styling. I admit that styling food for the best shot possible is like a childs game. The whole scene becomes your playground. There are tons of possibilities you can do to make it look beautiful. …

Download this photo in high resolution for free at

In my opinion, photographers are one of the last few creative professionals who still keep the protecting stance in regards to their work. They seem to be protecting their own ego no matter what age we live in and which promotional techniques currently work and which don’t. Why do I think photographers should give away some of their best work completely for free?

My name is Jakub, I’m 26, I live in Prague, Czech Republic, I’m the creator of Foodiesfeedthe best resource of free food photos on the internet.

I wanna tell you my story of how I became a semi-professional self-taught food photographer while studying law. And how I built my own food photography business thanks to sharing my photos for free while quitting studying law.

My name is Jakub (26, Czech Republic) and photography was always something that drew my attention in my teens but I dwelved into it only when I moved to Prague to study law. That’s also when I started to get interested in health and healthy habits. As I started cooking for myself clean foods from real ingredients, I was documenting it with…

I’ve already written about my honest opinion why photographers should share their pictures for free. I also published a post about my story and how sharing pictures for free helped me start making a living by what I love doing.

This time I will focus solely on:

  1. How to create account on Foodiesfeed and upload photos
  2. How exactly Foodiesfeed helps photographers reach new audience
  3. What kind of photos Foodiesfeed visitors need

How to sign up and upload photos

Foodiesfeed is visited by 40.000+ NEW unique visitors every single month. That’s 40k different pairs of eyes seeing your work. For free. New followers? New business partners? …


Resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download.

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