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The April 4th “Dear Colleague” letter issued by the OCR to all colleges that receive federal funding, reduces the standard of proof required to convict a male student of rape all the way down to “preponderance of evidence” (anything above 50%) and “strongly discourages” male students being given the right to question their accuser. The directive also requires all universities to allow alleged victims of rape to appeal the results of college disciplinary hearings, subjecting the accused to “double jeopardy” (which isn’t allowed in US courts).

Liberal/feminist reaction to restoring men’s due process rights: “Oh noes, you’re taking rights away from women”

FFS, it’s not a woman’s right to be able to trample on men’s due process rights. I thought the Dems were the party of Due process? I mean they were defending the due process of terrorists and illegals but legal, American men on college campus aren’t worthy of the same protections? Liberals, your bigotry is showing.

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