A thought!!

  • About him💓
  • About preperations
  • About tomorrow
  • About a plan
  • About an achievment

Well, it is already 2:00am at midnight and she has to sleep early, because tomorow she is being a guest on a TV program at a famous TV channel..

She is a pharmacist and working as a medical representative at Sebapharma for Sebamed products💕 the program will be about healthy skin care and Acne problems.

Just looking at his picture makes her so happy. It fulls her mind with billion of thoughts about him.

Thinking about the day they will be together and share a lot of lovely and happy moments.

Today iDiscovered that,, NEVER LESS,, iDeserve.
“Nothing is gonna change my love for you, You ought to know by now how much i love, One thing you can be sure of; i will never ask for more than your love♡” By: WESTLIFE

I am still awake and I still don’t know why i can’t fall a sleep.

Not because i am thinking of him, as he is always in my mind; nothing NEW.

Well, perhaps i am worried about that TV program tomorrow, but what iKnow about FYA is that she is the most CONFIDENT lady at earth and nothing to worry about. It will Go well. No worries.


  • Dress
  • Make up & Perfume
  • What to be said
  • How to be said
  • Uhh
It started HARMLESS Enough.!
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