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Foot.Notes by FootPrint Coalition

Thanks for stopping by. Consider this an introduction to where we’ve been and a few thoughts about where we’re going.

When Robert Downey Jr. first announced the FootPrint Coalition in 2019, the idea was to create a collective that would use investing, grant-making and storytelling to boost businesses and initiatives that would help humanity walk a little bit lighter on the world’s stage.

Through early stage and late stage funds, FootPrint Coalition Ventures has done just that.

The firm’s investments in companies like Aspiration, a digital bank only backing businesses that don’t harm the environment; Cloud Paper, which aims to…

Image Credit: Nobell Foods

Rejoice cheese lovers! Fans of the stretchy, melty, delight may soon be able to sustain their daily dairy habit without worrying about its problematic planetary footprint.

It turns out that chowing down on dairy and cheese made using current industrial agricultural practices is a pretty significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s right, the dairy millions are drinking and the cheese chefs around the country are currently grilling contributes to about 2% of the world’s carbon footprint. Not only that — current practices are actually a pretty wasteful way to make cheese. …

Green financing is booming globally and the latest private company to reap the windfall is Generate Capital.

The green infrastructure development company founded in 2014 is one of the earliest pure play renewable energy development firms based in the U.S. It has already raised at least $1.3 billion through a structure that allows the company to invest independent of the decade-long time horizon of traditional investment vehicles.

With the new $2 billion capital infusion, Generate will be able to tap additional debt financing to give it around $10 billion in firepower for sustainable infrastructure investments.

The timing couldn’t be more…

Image of Uber’s concept of a multi-story transit hub for electric air taxis built above a series of freeways in an urban landscape.
Image of Uber’s concept of a multi-story transit hub for electric air taxis built above a series of freeways in an urban landscape.
Image Credit: Uber

“The future needs to be as considerate as it is compelling.”

That’s what our founder Robert Downey Jr. said of our latest investment, Whisper Aero— and it’s the underlying thesis behind all of the investments we’re making at FootPrint Coalition Ventures.

What Whisper Aero is considering is nothing less than a new propulsion system that can make devices ranging from electric flying cars and drones to the humble leaf blower operate a little bit more efficiently — and much more quietly.

Creating unchecked noise pollution for the sake of electric aviation’s vital future is a problem, and FootPrint Coalition Ventures…

Image Credit: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, the undisputed heavyweight among new entrants in the category for meat replacements, has launched a new and improved chicken nugget at select restaurants around the country.

The company, which famously launched a chicken pilot with KFC, doesn’t have any of the largest fast food chains on its roster for the chicken product, despite previous deals with McDonald’s and the KFC pop-up.

Even some of the smaller chains that the company counts as buyers for its Beyond Meat burgers and sausages aren’t adding the chicken product to their menus, according to a report in Bloomberg News.

As Bloomberg noted…

Venture capital firms are still pouring money into startups making new kinds of meat replacements for consumers.

Whether it’s the one-for-one replacement promised by companies trying to make whole cuts of meat from tissue samples, or the new protein sources from plants and fungi that promise all of the flavor of meat without the animal, the money’s still in new meat businesses.

That’s born out in recent funding rounds for the cell-ag steak maker Aleph Farms, which announced a $105 million whopper of an investment round recently. …

Image Credit: Flickr/Audrey

China’s top economic agency, the National Development and Reform Committee, has resumed responsibility for the nation’s climate policy planning in a step that could highlight more attention from the central government.

The country’s top leadership has tasked the NDRC with setting out the roadmap for how the country will reach its peak emissions and begin the long process of removing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from its industrial and energy sectors, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

It will be impossible for the world to reach its objectives for reducing climate change without significant contributions from China to curb…

Image Credit: Turntide Technologies

When FootPrint Coalition Ventures first unveiled our investment in Turntide Technologies back in March, we knew that the company’s ambitions were matched only by its potential.

The company‘s premise is deceptively simple — build a better, more energy efficient, software-controlled motor. In some ways it’s no different from the notion behind LED lights, cut energy consumption by building a product that uses energy more efficiently.

Behind both businesses are incredibly complicated technologies that took years to develop and huge markets worth billions of dollars (with the added — and more important — benefit of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions).


Image Credit: Flickr/Linh Do

The new $1.2 trillion infrastructure package coming from Congress should supercharge a new green jobs revolution.

The current compromise agreement between a group of moderate Republican and Democratic Senators seems to pave the way for the passage of the largest infrastructure spending bill in recent history.

That bill, when it arrives, will pour money into technology like electric vehicles and EV charging; financing for better heating and cooling for public buildings and homes; upgrades to more efficient and high tech equipment to provide clean water, more reliable and efficient power, and increased internet access to millions of Americans.

“We have…

The world needs to develop more renewable energy projects. You know it. We know it. And the International Energy Agency knows it.

As the agency noted earlier this month, mobilizing clean energy investment in the developing world “must be a top global priority”.

But there hasn’t been a lot of support for how to develop that renewable power in areas where much of the energy used is subsidized by the government.

In countries like Mexico, where consumer’s energy needs are largely paid for by the government, companies are trying to flip the switch on renewable adoption by using other levers…

Foot.Notes by FootPrint Coalition

Investigating where technology, policy, and culture intersect to address our climate emergency. Reach us at

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