Lukas Podolski: A song for Europe

On the plus side, he’s limited his input to wandering the streets of Cologne, buying takeaways and being jovial with passers by. And that bit at 2:40 where the song turns into ‘The Right Stuff’ by New Kids on the Block and we oldies go a bit misty eyed.

But none of this is sufficient to distract from the fact that the chap singing (Cat Ballou front man Oliver Niesen) looks like Jimmy Bullard in a hat and moustache combo or that Lu-Lu-Lu Lukas Podolski’s first foray into music is… well… a bit rubs.

Still, no one cares what we think, as evidenced by its presence at number four on the German iTunes chart. Goes some way to explaining the baffling popularity of David Hasselhoff, I suppose. And perhaps even Brexit.



Kelly Welles