The Football Ramble book, released worldwide on October 20th!

So a reputable publishing house, presumably in a fit of drunken hubris over the unstoppable juggernaut that is print publishing, has seen fit to release a Football Ramble book. I know, right? Anyway, it’s available on the 20th from all good retailers. Grab your copy here:

Mind you, if you’d like to bag a copy in audio format for precisely nowt (that means ‘nothing’ in northern), you could always sign up for our amazing Audible offer, grab the book then cancel your account within 30 days…

Do as Diggery does.

Honestly, do grab a copy. We spent ages on Wikipedia looking up the correct spellings for the funny sounding foreigners.

“Consistently funny, well-informed and provocative.” (Jonathan Wilson)

“Not since the heady days of Baddiel & Skinner has anyone so passionately, so adroitly, so humorously and so consistently deconstructed the joys of the game. The Ramble has long been one of those “if you know, you know” types of phenomena, but this book has all the potential to finally push these heroes beyond Di Natale cult status and up to full blown Zidanism.” (Doc Brown)

“The Ramble is the conversation you’d have with your friends about football. If your friends were witty, dysfunctional obsessives.” (Kelly Cates, BBC 5Live)

“The go-to podcast for the discerning fan” (The Times)