The Football Ramble visit Winchester!

What is Pete doing here? Literally none of us can remember

No, that’s not a new Alan Partridge-esque TV series we’re pitching and asking you to pay for through Kickstarter — we are actually visiting the county town of Hampshire, Winchester, to perform a live version of our wildly successful* podcast, The Football Ramble.

Past live shows have included audience members volunteering to dress up like Kevin Keegan for a game called Choose Your Own Adventure (with Kevin Keegan), the return of the now-legendary Going for Glold and several forays into the world of audio/visual entertainment via the medium of new videos involving Justin Bieber, Robbie Savage and a load of waxworks at Madame Tussauds. Pete once gave away a giant Monopoly cheque and a trophy for Best Musical Comedy Act to an audience member (a trophy we later found out was for the Musical Comedy Awards taking place at the same venue the following night. Sorry about that).

Who knows what’s in store this time around? Literally no-one, because at the time of writing this we haven’t had the production meeting yet and so have absolutely no plan. That said, as you probably know with the Ramble by now, sometimes the best things are impromptu. Like the time Pete chased Luke around the house/studio in South Africa with an industrial-strength taser. Hugely entertaining for 50% of the people involved. Pete may even bring a taser, who knows?

So we’re sure it’ll all be absolutely spiffing. What ho!

It’s all happening on Friday 30th September, and we’d of course like as many of you as possible to come and see us. Proceedings kick off from 8pm, so plenty of time to head down there after work. Beers afterwards with us all are de rigueur of course! Marcus makes it a big tradition of his to buy every single person an alcoholic drink of their choice just to say thanks for coming. What a guy!

There are still tickets left, and they can be bought here, so don’t delay, buy a ticket to come to Winchester with us today! Any further questions. more info, dietary requirements etc can be asked at and we’ll get straight back to you.


*some people bought tickets