Footballinclusive is a tale of passion.

Passion for football/soccer, data and the entrepreneurial spirit, and the fruit of numerous encounters among driven enthusiasts joining forces to build a unique platform to search, discover, and share that passion. Therefore, at its very core, Footballinclusive is a collective journey.

It also aims to be an exceptional tool for everyone, created not only for you but with you, thereby fulfulling our commitment to develop functionalities that truly meet your needs and expectations. We will soon add video capabilities, which will help the match, player, and club pages come to life even more. You will also be able to create your own individual account to share your favorite clubs, matches, and players with everyone in our community!

Last but not least, this experience is also incentive-based since you will be earning valuable points for the information your contribute to the site, which will grant you access to exclusive offers.

At Footballinclusive, we are committed to both technological and user-based innovation. For that very reason, we find it critical that everything be centered around you, the user, allowing you to participate and interact freely every time you’re on the platform. That being said, we know that most of this journey is still ahead of us, as these are only the preliminary steps in a long and winding road. That is why we need YOU to grow: your kindness, your likes, your shares, your comments, your feedbacks, your journalist friend, your Serie A fanatic cousin, your former pro player uncle…

In short, all those able to help us achieve our goal will intrinsically become the reference data for football/soccer.

Do not hesitate to contact the footballinclusive team at the following email address if you have any question(s) or if you notice any issues:

Jonathan aka the Coach

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