Premier League: Thoughts

This week has been filled with unexpected twists and turns when it comes to Premier League, and epic moments in relations to one game in particular during the most recent EFL matches.

Starting off with one of the biggest result as well as the biggest upset, Watford overcame a very poor Jose Mourinho and Co. This was their 3rd loss in a row, losing to a seemingly unstoppable Manchester City (another topic all to itself), and a loss in the Europa league mid-week. Manchester United looked like a tryout of individuals on the field, instead of one solid unit. Paul Pogba has yet to prove his worth, Wayne Rooney is still being selected for games over and over, and Mourinho seems to be carrying over his form from last season right on over from Chelsea. Many wonder if Mourniho is finished as a manager because it doesn't seem he can produce a winning side anymore, even with a blank check at hand. Many like to blame that their is no proper partner for Pogba in the midfield, and he isn't playing his “proper” role. Honestly though, for 89 million, you expect a complete midfielder such as Gerrard or Lampard, who can lead a team, go end to end, and score magnificent and important goals, but the only dabbing we’ve seen around Manchester United is when Troy Deeney mocks them as he sinks them into their 3rd successive defeat. Jose needs to prove he is still a quality, world class manager fast, before the board, the fans, and more importantly the players lose faith in him.

The next item to talk about is Pep Guardiola’s new Barcelona a.k.a Manchester City. It is wild to see how he has transformed this team so quickly after Pelegrini’s departure from the club. It seems they cannot be defeated. With Sterling looking more like the promising youngster he once was at Liverpool and continuing to prove himself every game, Kevin De Bruyne, who is looking like he might be in the running for player of the year at this pace, Sergio Aguero, who is netting goals left and right, and even without Aguero you have the brilliant Nigerian youngster, Kelechi Iheanacho. This team can knock a ball around any team in the Premier League, can score on any team in the Champions league, and looks to be contenders in the title for both. If you are taking an unbiased look at the results and performances, one might say this title is Citys for the taking, even this early. They have depth, the have quality, and they have the right management. I wouldn't doubt it if they went through this campaign undefeated because I cant see a team that can top them, even looking at the Champions League, the ran Schalke to the ground. Wonderful side to watch.

Now Liverpool is a story close to Pep Guariola’s side. They secured the signing of Jurgen Klopp last season, who started to implement change later into the season with the little time he had, losing two finals sadly. Starting this season it seems they may play for seconds after City. Klopp has gotten rid of his bad seeds in the team and shaped them as he desires. With this we see a team that has already beaten quality sides such as Leicester and Chelsea, in which both games saw them dominate in every aspect of the game, which is tough to say considering I am a Chelsea fan, who viewed the game with a fellow Liverpool man. I am excited to see what this side can produce this season.

Finally I will round out with Chelsea FC and new man Antonio Conte. Wins early on in the season silenced critics wondering if Conte was the right man for the job, with Diego Costa being crucial in both of those matches. Then came the Swansea match, where a game they dominated was drawn due to unexpected twists. Finally came that Liverpool game where they were dreadful in the second half but picked things up in the second while still losing due to a screamer from Henderson. Finally came tonight game against Leicester where they came back and won in ET 4–2. Many points are to be made to these results, but two things remained constant whenever something beneficial came Chelsea's way: Cesc Fabregas and DIego Costa. Diego Costa is in brilliant form netting goals left and right but the man i prefer to focus in on is Cesc. This man has been the center of attention for the past few weeks with rumors of him being unsettled at the club due to lack of play time, and frustration with Conte over this as well. He has proved himself to be a true class footballer with his actions though. He has assured the fans over and over he is going nowhere, backs the managers choices, and continues to work hard and he changes the game every time he has been subbed in. Assisting Costa for winners, changing the flow of the game, and silencing critics with 2 goals in ET to see the Blues move into the next round. He is the everything a midfielder should be on and off the field and players are craving to see more of him and expect a start for him versus Arsenal next match. Besides that brilliant man, Conte needs to figure something else out. Time and time again Conte has left the game to be grabbed late on, waiting for substitutions to come on late, and seeing the team not start to perform until the second half, leaving the team behind when they start because they are a half behind. They have been lucky a few times this season but in no way, shape, or form will they be able to gain hardware this season, and they should considering no European football either. This major problems needs to be fixed (along with the defense but that is something else entirely) if there is to be any hope of a title coming home to Chelsea and Champions League football to be returning to Stamford Bridge.

Author: Aleksandr Karlov