Fooze Update #1: Fooze Balls Galore…

Hello and thank you for being an early friend of Fooze!

It has been an exciting journey since we graduated from the Food-X accelerator, and we greatly appreciate your support thus far.

We have a number of updates:

  1. We released our private beta to NYC’s late night eaters on August 1st! We’re delivering in just six zip codes in Manhattan to ensure we can deliver on our promise of a fast and delightful delivery experience. Our average delivery time has been 21 minutes, and we plan on maintaining that speed as we expand.
  2. In the last month we’ve brought on a number of amazing restaurant partners including Baked, an award-winning bakery in Tribeca and creators of the signature sweet & salty brownie (Oprah’s personal favorite!) and Ramen-Ya, voted one of the best under-the-radar Ramen spots. This is the first time both of these establishments have offered delivery.
  3. What else makes for a delightful experience? A personal touch! We spent the Friday night before our launch making 100 ‘Fooze Balls. We’re a big proponent of #doingthingsthatdontscale especially in this biz. The balls are a delicious mix of chocolate chips, granola, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut, and peanut butter. We’re giving them out with every Fooze order as a small bite of appreciation at the end of your meal.
  1. I recently discussed Fooze more in-depth on Pitchcraft with Wayne Sutton of Buildup VC. The full episode is here, I come on about halfway in (see screenshot progress bar below). I expand upon our unique value props and why I believe there’s room for a service like Fooze even in the highly saturated food delivery space. Quotable quote: “If I got a push notification right now and it said this hot pizza was 15 minutes away, you would take all my monies, all of it!

What’s next?

  1. I will be travelling to SF at the end of August. Know anyone who might be interested in Fooze? I appreciate any connections! A shower of gratitude and Fooze Balls await…
  2. We expect to launch Fooze publicly the first week in September. In the meantime we are continuing to deliver munchies to our private beta users. Interested in being included? Shoot me a note!

Thanks to all who have supported Fooze with suggestions, investment, food, or booze. We’re building something awesome and couldn’t do it without you!

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