Michigan Couple Calls Out Schuette for Not Doing His Job

Couple poisoned by PFAS on Schuette: “The guy has a job — do it.”

LANSING — Today For Our Future released a new video showing Mike and Darla LeBaron, a couple from Ada who have lived with PFAS contaminants in their water and are calling on Attorney General Bill Schuette to do something about it.

In 2012, officials at Snyder’s DEQ were warned in a report of the danger presented by PFAS contaminants, and have done nothing. That report was given to then-DEQ Director Dan Wyant, a longtime Schuette ally who has faced no consequences for his actions and inaction around the Flint Water Crisis.

Earlier this year Snyder asked Schuette to sue 3M over PFAS contamination in our water, and he’s done nothing.

Schuette even admitted this weekend that his work as Attorney General is simply not a priority in a speech at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club. He told the crowd “My work right now is running for governor.”

“Is anybody looking into this? Our Attorney General for the state is too busy running for governor,” said Mike LeBaron. “It gets me to be a little pessimistic, doesn’t it? I don’t care about party affiliation, the guy has a job — do it.”

“Michiganders are speaking out today because they are sick and tired of an attorney general who won’t stand up for them,” said Joshua Pugh, For Our Future’s Michigan Communications Director. “From families facing PFAS contamination, to people who just want to know their healthcare will be there for them when they need it, we all deserve better.”


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