Meet ForSet!

ForSet is a relatively new organization, but the team has a long history in data visualisation and data communication. ForSet was founded by former JumpStart employees who believe that technologies, data and design can come together to make communication on important social issues more effective, interesting and viral.

This is the thought that unites our team and this idea is what helps us grow and develop as an organization. Our team composition is quite diverse. We have developers, designers, illustrators, journalists, communication specialists, researchers and data enthusiasts all united under one idea: that data matters! To be more specific, our organizational skills are usually divided into 4 pillars: data analysis, development, design and communication. These 4 sets of skills help us to be creative and innovative in our work. It is also something we wanted to incorporate in our organization somehow, so these skills are one of the ideas that lie behind our name — ForSet!

ForSet’s team plans to continue to find new and creative ways for storytelling, provide you with new tools to help your communication be more effective in today’s technological world, and launch more educational programs for journalists, storytellers and data driven professionals.

We will hold events and hackathons around data to build a network of data enthusiasts and, more importantly, we will try to develop and grow ourselves to continue surprising you by doing what we love the most!

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