How To Plan The Ultimate Family Reunion

A family reunion is the perfect way to catch up, renew old relationships and create new memories, so if you are considering getting the whole clan back together for a big hoorah, than you’re in luck! Planning a family reunion is the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones that you haven’t seen in ages and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. If you’ve ever hosted backyard barbeque or a birthday party than you are already familiar with some of the basics that go into planning such an event. Your family reunion can be simple or complex, but either way, it’ll surely be a great event that everyone will remember. With that said, check out these tips to plan the ultimate family reunion!

Timing Is Key

First things first, you’ll want the event to take place during a convenient time of the year so you can get the most people to attend. Think about the ages of your extended family members — some might be school-aged children and others might be in college — so it’s important that you think of a time that can fit their schedules because if those younger family members can’t make it, there’s a high chance the rest of their family won’t come either. With that in mind, the summer months could be the ideal time to throw the event because the kids will be off from school. Once you figure out the date, you can really begin the process of planning!

Venue Selection

While you could certainly host a family reunion in your backyard, it might not be big enough for all of your family members and if it gets hot out, some attendees would rather sit inside to cool off in the air conditioning. Instead of dealing with that situation, consider renting out a venue that’s large enough to accommodate your entire family. Places like hotels, conference centers and even college campuses are more than willing to give you the space you need to host your event. So check out local venues or select one that is in a centralized location that is easily accessible. Additionally, it’s an added bonus when your venue offers overnight accommodations because some relatives will like the option of staying the night.

Vendor Selection

After you’ve selected the venue, it’s time to select vendors for the event that can supply you with music, food and more. Your guests are expecting to be fed and entertained, so one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to find a caterer and a DJ! There’s no doubt that you could try and do all the cooking yourself, but you really want to spend all the time you can catching up with your family, so you should leave the cooking up to a caterer.

Capture The Moment

Consider hiring a photographer or renting a photobooth for your family reunion because it is a great way to truly capture the event. Pictures are worth a thousand words and your guests can live in the moment instead of trying to take pictures with their phones.

With the above tips, you can certainly create the ultimate family reunion that everyone will remember for years to come! Are you ready to start planning?