A War on Information Technology

The world we live in today is advanced compared to the world we lived in yesterday. Day by day technology is changing and information is becoming more powerful and valuable. While information is becoming more powerful, people start to desire the power more. This leads into strategic operations to get information from corporations and other individuals. With cyber-crimes taking a new high more laws are made to make sure that thing’s don’t get out of hand. Thus, the war on Information Technology begins. Does anarchy win? Or does the system win? At the end of the day which would be the lesser of two evils? We take away the individual and force them into a group in order to fill our own desire and somehow, we act like we aren’t the villains. It’s amazing how something so simple becomes such a problem.

After reading the news about WikiLeaks hacking into the CIA’s servers and leaking a vast number of documents regarding tools they had for hacking into other systems, it had me wondering about the potential problems all of this could have. It’s one thing for a government having the power to get into other people’s computers. It’s another thing to have a civilian having this sort of information. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but if one wrong is trying to prevent the next country wide crisis and the other is trying to use this type of power for personal gain, I tend the question which of the two evils is the lesser one. Sure, the government will naturally have a personal gain, but at least there is a stipulation. There is a mass benefit for all compared to only one or a small group of individuals. The people who hacked into the servers claimed that it was to show the kind of power the government has over the people. But at the end of the day, if anyone has paid attention in school you would have known that ‘Big Brother’ is always trying to get more power to make itself seem big bad and scary. But somehow, we always make it out to be a bigger surprise than it really should be.

One of the problems that is shown with the leak is the fact that WikiLeaks was telling us how some of the information had been redacted to make sure that the tools wouldn’t be able to be used or made if in the hands of the wrong person. But my only problem is that, they still have it. Or they read it. The information is now not only public, but in the hands of a couple of individuals who have always been hacking into the governments basic security just to release information to the public. When we had Edward Snowden casted out of our country for leaking out information to the very same country we ousted him from, we made it seem like it was a bigger deal than it really was. Then all of the sudden we have an Australian hacking into American systems and leaking out information to the world, but no one seems to bat an eye.

Somehow, I see a lot of bigger issues than just a hackathon. I see a lot of issues with the public and their priorities. But somehow, we look past all of that. Then we manage to act more surprised by the things that shouldn’t be all that surprising. At any rate the war on information technology is brewing up. We already have a war with technology. Advancing every bit of weapons, we can so that we don’t have to risk our lives ourselves. An un-maned robot firing bullets at one another. All in the sake for control. If we live in the lives of religion, and we somehow tell ourselves what we do is in the name of god and country. It makes me wonder why we have our priorities so messed up.

Maybe someday we will see things equally and move on from the world of violence. Someday, but not any time soon I’m afraid.

A lot of people are afraid that anyone can gain control to their homes, cars, televisions, computers, what have you. But honestly when we are trying to make everything “smart” like our smart phones this is the risk that you take just to have convenience. We can even have a computerized pacemaker that can be shut off if anyone is having a bad day and wants to kill someone. The street lights are hackable, road signs, cars, everything that is computerized is hackable. Sure, the government can take out a large amount of people just to silence them from being able to get ahead of the game. But the government isn’t what you should be afraid of, it’s the people who want the power more. It only takes the will of one man or woman to make a life changing event. It doesn’t take a whole lot of people to get a job done. But a bunch of well place pieces can set any game of chess in the right direction for the player.

So, if for some reason at the end of the day you are fearing the government. Don’t worry. If it isn’t the hate crimes that are started over some race war that should have ended a long time ago, or sexism that somehow manages to be an over grown thorn in the eyes of the populous, or even the fact that everyone wants a sympathy care for simply existing. There are a lot more things to worry about in this day and age. Let’s just hope we can keep being lucky and live through tomorrow.

Live through, the ever growing war on Information Technology.