The Beautiful Evolution of Technology

While working on a video that was talking about how a computer works, it had me thinking. We are lucky to live in the world we do today. Sure we could go into a debate about that statement considering recent events, but honestly, these events are nothing new. People are just now starting to pay attention to the world around them. Anyway, aside from the great fiasco of 2016 we are lucky because of the evolution of technology. If we were to look back into the 70’s we can see a massive change in computers compared to then. We have more processing power than you could ever imagine possible. We have almost photo-realistic graphics when it comes to 3D modeling or gaming. But aside from all of that, we have the information highway, the internet. Where a large group of people collectively get on and spread their knowledge, opinions, or lies. It’s a place where we share our creations and our thoughts. But a lot more has changed than just the personal computer.

When I started writing this article I had a hard time just talking about the changes in computers. Sure we have a more intelligent system compared to back then. But there are so much more changes in technology that we drastically benefit from. The Discovery of LED Technology has allowed us to save money on our electric bills and conserve more energy. Getting out of the fluorescent lighting has made it safer if a light bulb ever breaks. Now you only have to worry about the glass, not the chemicals as well. Sensors have made the average workplace safer, so if a spark ever breaks out in a paint booth, it will shut everything down faster than you could blink. In a place where the dust can set off a major chain reaction, it’s nice knowing you can go to work safely without having to worry about a possible catastrophe.

Medical technology has defiantly improved over the years as well. We can make a simple microscope and a blood centrifuge at the cost of a child’s allowance. This creation has saved millions from malaria in the South Americas. We are currently in development of Nano-machines that will be able to work like antibodies to fight off illnesses when we don’t have the immune system to do it. This would be massively beneficial to cancer patients who are undergoing radiation treatment. There are even sensors in development that can let you know when you are about to get sick so you can prevent it ahead of time. This would also be good for people who don’t know if something is happening in their body or not so they can get to a hospital quickly if they need to. There are even projects happening to help blind people see or to improve the eyesight of those with bad vision.

Video belongs to Mark Rober

With all of these improvements, it would be hard to give the credit simply to computers. No, the technology overall has improved significantly over the years. All of these improvements and we haven’t even got into facial recognition or security cameras, or even fingerprint recognition. There is so much that has improved over the years. With that, sure computers have evolved. So have the minds of individuals who created the technology to make the world a better place. Getting past all of the hate that we seem to give one another for opinions I think we can all agree that technology is an amazing part of our lives, and it’s only going to get better.