The World Bank First Crypto Wallet

( Product of info Dev Company Supported by World Bank)

About infoDev

( A World Bank Group Program to Promote Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

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Entrepreneurs in developing countries face many challenges in their journey to launch high-growth companies. Yet when they succeed, entrepreneurs can act as powerful agents of change — reducing inefficiencies, creating jobs, and boosting economic development.

•infoDev is a World Bank Group multi-donor program that supports entrepreneurs in developing economies. We oversee a global network of business incubators and innovation hubs for climate technology, agribusiness, and digital entrepreneurs. We also publish educational resources on topics like crowdfunding, angel investing, and business incubator management.

•Through Climate Innovation Centers, Mobile Application Labs (mLabs), and Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Centers, we connect entrepreneurs with the knowledge, funding, and markets they need to grow their businesses. Our inspiring clients work in the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam, and more.

About W.B Wallet:

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•The W.Bank wallet is the world’s first decentralized crypto wallet, based on the ERC-20 platform. completely based on blockchain technology. WBank wallet is the first wallet to integrate DEX Exchange “your funds are safu”. you can buy Crypto with VISA and Master on the WBank token platform. the system has an attractive mechanism , It generates stable revenue from DApps ETHEREUM, Games etc. it is the largest ecosystem on ETH ever.

•By studying all the trading and decentralized economic applications in the market, the team has created an innovative income distribution model through many mathematical models and economic verification, which has solved the sustainability of equity premium and dividend distribution.

•The highlight of W.Bank TOKEN WALLET is the combination of the automated pricing mechanism and also integration of smart contracts to protect the interests of both investors and project parties.

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