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Entrepreneurs in developing countries face many challenges in their journey to launch high-growth companies. Yet when they succeed, entrepreneurs can act as powerful agents of change — reducing inefficiencies, creating jobs, and boosting economic development.

•infoDev is a World Bank Group multi-donor program that supports entrepreneurs in developing economies. We oversee a global network of business incubators and innovation hubs for climate technology, agribusiness, and digital entrepreneurs. …

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Some controversy and challenges surround the use of cryptocurrency, but many business owners are embracing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for transactions. One reason is that using the latest technology is a great way to stand apart from other businesses in the marketplace.

Not sure what cryptocurrency is? Cryptocurrency is simply a digital currency that relies on encryption technology to transfer the value via the internet. This form of currency operates independently of a banking system and can be used in many countries like cash. …

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Cameron Winklevoss pays for coffee at Starbucks using a cryptocurrency he and his brother Tyler, looking on, helped create. (May 2, 2019)


It is a freakishly hot May afternoon when Cameron Winklevoss decides to quench his thirst with a tall cold-brewed coffee from Starbucks, and “just a little bit of cream, to round it off,” as he says.

The temperature has shot up 20 degrees since the day before and is 20 degrees hotter than it will be the day after, too. With his twin brother, Tyler, and a small entourage in tow, the 6-foot-5 Cameron abruptly stands up from a proportionately giant boardroom table at the swanky New York offices of Gemini, the brothers’ cryptocurrency exchange, and makes for the glass door in the glass wall that encloses the immaculately shiny room. …


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