We Believe That We Just Won!


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Waltham, MA 02453

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For Immediate Release


WALTHAM, MA., (December 1st, 2015) — At approximately 2:45 pm today, Brandeis University Interim-President Lisa Lynch and Vice President Andrew Flagel presented an Implementation Plan to meet all 13 demands of #FordHall2015 that will be sustained over time.

Over 200 Brandeis students, faculty, staff, and supporters congregated in front of the Bernstein-Marcus Administrative building to hear the Implementation Plan read aloud. We were exhausted, cold, and had been eagerly awaiting a response for over 2 hours.

It is difficult to say how charged the air felt while Lynch read the Implementation Plan to meet each of our demands and “Reaffirm and Accelerate Brandeis’ Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice.” While Lynch spoke, supporters shivered in the cold and rain while listening attentively. It took about 30 minutes for the Implementation Plan to be read in its entirety.

The students of #FordHall2015 who have occupied the Bernstein-Administrative Marcus building for the past 12 days, since November 20th, 2015, are now a part of history. We are a part of Brandeis’ history, Black History, and American History.

We are overjoyed to pave the way for future Brandeis students and hope that our actions are inspirations to other university students demanding a positive change.

“We are moving our people toward a liberation that has long been denied. This is a liberation that those of all races can understand.”

#WeAreFordHall2015 and you can’t stop the revolution.