Words to Laquan

The Concerned Students of Ford Hall 2015 send our strength, love, thoughts, and solidarity to the loved ones of Laquan McDonald.
His light was stolen from this earth on October 20, 2014. It was 16 shots by an officer emboldened by power, privilege, and white supremacy. As black bodies we are dying a multitude of deaths.

Echoing the wisdom of Audre Lorde, thirteen months later the systems of power have spat up a video proving what we as a community already know to be true: we were never meant to survive.

This is not the first time our community has been set on fire by the torch of injustice. We are choking on the billowing smoke of continuing political, physical, and emotional warfare in which we constantly have to defend our humanity. Black bodies are reminded once again of the need to protect our homes, communities, and families. We are reminded to continue fighting with fervor, to radically deconstruct white supremacy and demand justice.

Laquan’s life will not be forgotten as we are marked by this devastating reality and moved by his absence. This is a state of emergency and fortifies activism demanding action! It is his name and too many others that echo in the caverns of our hearts as we facilitate the liberation of our people.
Rest in Power, Laquan.