As you know, Cryptoforecast Token is going to perform a swap from Omni to Ethereum blockchain, in order to ensure a better transferability and an easier listing on new exchanges. You can see more info here

Now, it is time to explain what to do in order to perform the swap. Snapshot has taken place on 15 April 2018 14:00 GMT+2

go to “wallet options” and select “backup”.

Enter your wallet password and click on “validate”

Then, you will get a file that contains also your private key. The file is setted in order to minimize the risk of a private key steal by making it difficultier to read for external malicious actors (such as virus and similar things).

Now, you will have to export your key on the dapp. Remember that this example wallet is empty. You will not obtain nothing by using this private key!

For receive your tokens, you will have to provide an ethereum wallet address. Do not use exchange wallet — they don’t support CFT. Use a private wallet. see here for a list a compatible ethereum address you can find a list here Here you can find the dapp

Here you can find smart contract informations for adding on you wallet:

Ticker: CFT

Decimals: 18

Address: 0xc5d350b854a6cff0fc5a38a115a90c774dcae1b9

In case you use mytherwallet, you will have a few more passages to follow.

You have to generate and send a so-made transaction:

1) “to address” select the second address of the screen below

2) “amount” set 0

3) Gas limit set 250000

4) In the screen below, copy the last code (the last box under the words“adding the following code to the data element of transation”) and paste on “add data”

5) Remember to have on your wallet about 2$ of ethereum in order to pay transaction fee

You have now all the information needed in order to participate to this so important milestone. This swap to Ethereum blockchain will be an important step in order to ensure Cryptoforecast Token’s utility. In case of any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this article or ask in our international chat ( Have a good day guys!


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