Progressive Alliance statement on election outcome

Mass tactical voting has resulted in the least anticipated electoral outcome as Britain ends up with Theresa May losing her Parliamentary majority

“Many people hoped for this outcome but very few really believed it. People across the country voted tactically to stop the Tories.

“Britain has voted for change and they’ve voted to stop Theresa May and the Tories.

“But we should never have to rely on tactical voting again to beat the Tories. Only through proportional representation will we stop the Tories from governing again.”

With the make-up of the Parliament finely balanced, the most likely outcome is a minority Conservative government propped up by the DUP, a party with a history of espousing sexist, racist and homophobic policy positions.

Neal Lawson, spokesperson for Progressive Alliance, said:

“This is a sensational result and shows what can happen when progressives actually work together to achieve something big.

“This isn’t just a victory for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. It’s a victory for all progressive parties, especially the courageous candidates from Greens and the Liberal Democrats who made the bold decision to step aside and put their support behind the person best placed to defeat the Tories.

“Progressives should now work together in Parliament to put forward a common agenda we can all work towards.

“A Tory government shackled to the DUP is insecure and we should expect another general election before long.

“The lesson of this election is when progressives work together, we can do big things and we cause political earthquakes.”

British Future statement on most diverse Parliament ever

Sunder Katwala, Director of independent thinktank British Future, said:

“The 2017 parliament will be the most diverse ever, with ten new ethnic minority MPs taking the total of non-white parliamentarians to 51. Thirty years on, that tells a positive story about integration since the breakthrough election of 1987.

“Most of the new minority MPs will sit on the Labour benches. The Conservatives had hoped to build on progress made under David Cameron and even to edge ahead of Labour on minority representation. But instead they are once again left behind, after a disappointing night for Theresa May and a failure to select enough BME candidates.

“After the success of Women2Win in addressing gender balance, there are now calls from within the Tory party for similar structures to ensure a strong supply of minority candidates in the future.”