UCU comment on general election result

Union says impact in university and college seats vindicates mass drive to encourage young people to vote

Commenting on the general election result, the University and College Union (UCU) said today (Friday) that it was delighted to see an increase in turnout by young people, and that the votes of university and college staff and their students looked like they had been crucial in many of the surprise results across the UK.

The union said that the next government must prioritise investment in further and higher education and act swiftly to end the uncertainty over the position of EU nationals who make up a substantial part of the UK’s education and health workforce.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: “It is encouraging to see that a positive message, particularly after the unpleasant Brexit campaign last year, can still inspire voters. Theresa May called this election expecting to secure a mandate for a hard Brexit. She has signally failed to achieve that and the next government must bring some stability in these chaotic times.

‘We believe an important first step is to now guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently in the UK, including thousands of university and college staff and students who contribute so much to our economy and society.

‘It looks like young people in particular have been inspired to vote in greater numbers in this election with a number of seats in towns and cities with universities and colleges changing hands. This is really encouraging and a vindication of all those, including UCU, who worked so hard to encourage young people to register to vote, and to vote for the first time.”

CWU responds to General Election result

Responding to the General Election result, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said:

“The election result heralds a change in the balance of forces in UK politics and there is no going back for Labour. Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership team deserve enormous credit for their resilience and for putting together a superb manifesto and campaign that brought Labour back home to working class people.

“There is work to do and no doubt there will be lots of developments to take into account in the hours, days and weeks ahead. The CWU will support Labour in every possible way to put the manifesto into practise at the earliest opportunity.

“Jeremy Corbyn is delivering a different kind of politics — unions must now build on this and deliver a different kind of trade union movement.”

NUT comment on General Election

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said:

“Education was at the forefront of this election and many voters will have made their vote a vote for education. The Labour Party’s commitment to invest £4.8bn in schools, protecting school funding in real terms per pupil and protecting schools against inflation will not have been lost on the electorate. Theresa May has no option but to address this issue with urgency and ensure our head teachers have the money to run their schools properly without having to resort to begging letters to parents or cutting education provision. It is entirely feasible and entirely right that state education should be properly funded and resourced. The National Education Union will not let this Government destroy the education of a generation — education cuts never heal.”

Unite response to General Election

McCluskey: Voters reject the politics of fear and ‘lame duck’ PM

Reacting to the result of the general election today (Friday 9 June), Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said:

“Theresa May fought an underhand, depressing campaign and has been well and truly humbled. People do not want Tory business as usual, they do not want a politics built on fear that spreads despair, and they certainly do not want a lame duck prime minister.

“This must now mean the end of austerity, and a return to the investment and support our manufacturing industries urgently need. And it must mark the rebuilding of our public services; they are the backbone of this country, we will see them proud and world class once more.

“It must also pull the brakes on the calamitous ‘hard’ Brexit that the Tories put to the country and the country rejected. Theresa May called this election to get her mandate to take this country sharply rightwards towards a low wage, no rights economy. The voters have said to Mrs May, no, you will not take us over your cliff.

“Credit for this must go to Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, which has pulled off the biggest political reawakening of the century. For a party and a leader long written off and faced by in the main hysterical, hostile media, this is nothing short of astonishing.

“Labour is only in this position because Jeremy and Labour fought a remarkable, courageous campaign based on a manifesto which clearly showed that another way is possible. Jeremy found a way to connect with millions of people who were in need of hope. He brought new voters to Labour, young and old, and inspired them to find their voice through their vote.

“With Jeremy at the helm, Labour is very clear that what it stands for is to deliver the decent society that works for the many, not the few. He and his party, and the army of Labour volunteers who have brought our party so close to government deserve not just our admiration but our deep thanks.

“Jeremy Corbyn must now be backed to find a way forward for our country in these challenging times. There is now much work to be done.”

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