It’s not veganism that relies upon capitalism, it’s meat-eating, or at least the intensive…
Alka Arora

Alka Arora this guy is simply trying to find justification for his ridiculous ideas. If he knew anything about history, he would realize he is taking pages right out of the anti-abolitionism. I personally cannot stand SJWs, but most of them have good intentions just horrible methods of resolving problems. What I cannot stand is people like this dude who have horrific intentions, no interest in solving problems and even worse justifications for his ideas. I can just imagine him in the 1850s railing on about how without slavery the capitalism of the south will no longer survive and the economy will collapse. This is the oldest and dumbest argument in history. Oh wait, right up until he brought hunter-and-gathering tribes into the conversation; that was even dumber. The article is built on weak evidence and straw-man arguments, and at best reference radical vegan views that do not equate to mainstream thinking about vegans. This guy loves his confirmation biases so badly, I honestly want to check him into rehab but I doubt he has accepted step 1 (i.e. admit you have a problem).

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