See Horror Metal Icons Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Tonight in Portland at Dante’s! Night 2 of Northwest Hesh Fest!

Dark winds push black tenebrous clouds across a bloated moon; tree branches whip in the breeze, shedding a kaleidoscope of dead leaves. The night air glistens with raindrops like diamonds, dead flags hang upside down in dismal gray puddles. A pause, a silence, the night erupts — it could be a shiver, a siren, a moan, a scream. Tonight is a night for love and blood. It can only mean one thing… The Autumn has come to Portland, and with it, like some dark carnival, comes this fall’s FIRST METAL FEST!

Northwest Hesh Fest, now in its second year, is taking place Sept. 22, 23, and 24 at Portland’s original Palace Of Sin, Dante’s. Dante’s infernal burlesque will erupt with bloody screams and mindmangling riffs, as UK Doom legends/horror-fanatic Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats will stalk the floorboards, chaining vintage Hammer chills and Karloff thrills to greasy, downtuned sludge riffs. Uncle Acid are pure style, pure class, like some undead warlocks coming back from the crypt in Armani leather jackets and Les Pauls, with a bloodthirst and a knack for mind-consuming melodies. Like some seance in Seth Brundle’s laboratory, bringing together vintage Black Sabbath, Boris Karloff, Lux Interior, giallo, and Hammer Horror, Portland metalheads and horror lovers should not sleep on this screamfest.

Danava/Portland, Or.

Uncle Acid’s undead squall will be joined by Portland progmancers Danava, slaying from the grave with kodachrome ’70s riffs, acrobatic Flying V solos, and organ riffs to place you beneath their somnabulant spell, Danava’s the perfect foreplay for Uncle Acid’s evocation.

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats The Night Creeper Album Cover

Get yr blood pumping for tonight’s show with a review of Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats most recent blood curse, The Night Creeper from Forestpunk.

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Get psyched for Northwest Hesh Fest with a preview and a mix from Doomed & Stoned!

If yr in Portland, like horror and metal, don’t miss out on the festival closer tomorrow night, as well, when we shall all ascend with Deafheaven. Get Tix Here:

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