Two Trailblazing Trents

Annie and Katie Trent are two sisters who have grown up exploring the mountain trails. The two plus their parents, Jill and John, have single handedly created a tight-knit running community in Reno. So follow me, Kendra Anderson, as I attempt to keep up with them on a run through Keystone Canyon.

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The start of Keystone Canyon with blue skies and a hint of leftover snow.

Despite heavy winds, muddy trails, and flowing rivers, the two were determined to complete an eight-mile run before the sun set.

Annie (left) and Katie (right) take a minute to catch their breath and pose for a photo with their canine companions, Early and Lucy.

Both Annie and Katie are following in their father, John Trent’s, footsteps. When asked who was their biggest influence, Katie didn’t hesitate to give credit to her dad.

Despite the freezing and flowing river, Katie helps her sister cross with a makeshift bridge of fallen rocks.

One hundred mile race in particular is the Western States Endurance Run. This ultra marathon starts in Squaw Valley and finishes in Auburn, California. All of the runners have 30 hours non-stop to complete the run.

At just 22 years-old, Katie was the youngest female to complete the race in 2014.

As the sun is setting, Annie turns around and heads back to her car.

Just like any professional, the two have their own set of challenges and struggles that they need to overcome.

Despite the sun setting and harsh winter winds coming in, Annie and Katie are still all smiles.

There are no off days for these two. At the end of one marathon, there is always another one around the corner. After their quick run tonight, the two talk about the next big trail they plan to conquer in June — The Bighorn 100.

Trusty trail dogs Lucy (left) and Early (right) get the mud wiped off them before jumping in the car and heading home.

With the Reynolds School of Journalism, I’m Kendra Anderson.

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