Are we really thankful?

I think it is important, especially these days to notice how social media and other forms of media are constantly telling us we aren’t thin enough, rich enough, successful enough, or happy enough. We always need more “stuff” to be enough.

If we constantly focus on what we are lacking, we will always be ungrateful for what we have, and that can be an extreme issue not only for oneself, but for the environment and people around.

People who are grateful are usually the one’s who are happy. Our basic necessities such as clean water, food, shelter, clothing etc are all necessities that are often overlooked. Especially, living in Canada I feel that we are often overlooking the luxuries we are able to access.

The necessities we consider are basic are necessities others in developing nations are deprived of. Even the basic essentials one is blessed with are often overlooked.

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