Being the Middle Child

Birth Order: I am considered to be the middle child out of my three other siblings. I am the second oldest and the eldest daughter in my family.

Culturally, most Pakistani parents will hide a pregnancy from their children. I was seven when my baby sister was born. I was so upset when I saw my mom in the hospital because of the attention she was giving the newborn. I wanted my mommy.

After this day, my whole life changed. I had to become responsible for myself now that my mom could not give me all the attention I needed. She had to divide her attention between 3 children now.

However, my mom had another baby 2 years after. This time, I was more prepared and was not as upset. I was also older now.

Being the middle child today is not really an amazing experience.

My ideas are not taken into consideration as much as my older brother’s ideas are. This is because he is a male and the first child which are two factors I believe make him more superior in power compared to me.

I feel I have taken a more masculine identity because of my older brother’s traits that I possessed because I thought it’d make me more like him.

I tend to be more rebellious which correlates to Freud's theory on family order.

I am constantly forming my own identity and often isolate myself from my family.

I feel I have a lot of expectations from my parents since I am the first daughter. I am female and they are aware I will be leaving their house one day ( marriage ).

I try to be the best I can but I always feel like a disappointment.

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