Technology creating a family divide

I believe technology is creating a family divide due to the fact that people are unable to even make time for family now due to the various forms of technology. Whether it be messaging a friend, watching a show on television, doing your schoolwork, children are unable to make time out for their parents. The same goes for parents too. Both parents and children should equally be blamed for this family division that is ongoing. Technology has made it easier for children to have more freedom and be independent when it comes to their social lives. Before, parents were able to monitor their children’ social groups and behaviors due to the fact that there were no forms of technology to communicate via social media. Now, parents are unaware of who their children are communicating with 24/7 and how they expose themselves online. Because individuals have gained privacy, parent- children relationships are less open and engaging. Parents are unable to keep up with their children’ social life hence parents are unable to really know their child properly. In a family, communication is really important in order for family members to understand each other’s needs and wants. If children are not expressing themselves to their parents, they are expressing themselves to others hence making family relationships unimportant for children. Children are taking advantage of their in dependency and distancing themselves away from their family. Children dislike to constantly be criticized and disciplined by someone older than them because they feel they are not good enough. Because of technology now, children barely have time to be in front of their parents therefore they are more satisfied with themselves and their technology. Families are unable to really get to know each other which creates distance between each other. This divides a family and its closeness, therefore I believe technology is creating a family divide.

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