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Let’s Go Back in Time for Just a Moment

(We don’t have a DeLorean, so you’ll have to use your mind.)

Remember the days when finding what to read next was like hunting for lost treasure? You’d drive to your local library, ask the librarian where to find the latest trending title, and be gravely disappointed when the returns box produced zero copies. After getting your name onto a month-long waiting list and allowing the initial letdown to subside, you’d suddenly find yourself lost in rows upon rows of glorious books — forgetting all about that bestseller your friend had been raving about and never knowing what remarkable title you’d discover next! You’d leave with a pile of greatness all for the low price of an annual library card. ­

Those were the days.

Although we have moments when we’d love to go back in time, we’ve decided to go Forewordz. Here’s what we’re all about:

A Quick “Hey Y’all!”

Forewordz is a book lover’s community connecting authors and readers through daily eBook deals (via email and on the site) and special promotions. We’re one part discount eBook recommendation service, one part book discovery tool, and one part author marketing platform all fused together by a universal and evergreen love of books.

We Heart Readers and Worship the Keyboards Authors Type On

For Readers

Things have changed tremendously in thirty years. Libraries and bookstores are no longer the primary ways that readers discover and purchase books. Today eBook sales rival sales of print copies, and discovering what to read next is as simple as watching your Facebook feed. It’s a time of convenience with endless possibilities.

That’s where things get complicated.

There’s no longer a central repository where you can find hidden gems and receive the latest and greatest in the literary world. There are so many books being published, and from every conceivable angle with the rise of self-publishing, that it’s nearly impossible to easily find the best deals on titles that match your interests. Discovering a new book by chance and falling in love with an author is like finding a needle in a haystack. Or your missing car keys. Or the other matching sock. You get the point.

That’s what so great about Forewordz. All you have to do is subscribe to your favorite categories (genres) and we’ll deliver the deals right to your inbox. From there, you can choose which books you’d like to download and the authors you’d like to follow. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with them in a community setting and also sign up for their personal email alerts. All this rolled into one platform. When you think about it, it’s kind of like going to a library where both your favorite and undiscovered authors are hanging out. But you don’t have to drive anywhere! How’s that for convenience?

For Authors

A few years ago listing a book for less than a dollar generated a tsunami of sales. Since people are by nature deal hunters, a low price was enough to propel many a title to bestseller status. There were a manageable number of authors utilizing this pricing strategy and early on demand outstripped supply. Today, with the number of titles quadrupling annually, the ninety-nine cent eBook revolution is over. It now takes more than a low price to generate awareness and drive sales.

Enter the land of marketing…

Aside from a great cover and impeccable editing, marketing is the single most important element of selling a book. Unfortunately, this is where many authors are abandoned or simply lose their way. It’s an intimidating world filled with buzzwords, acronyms, and middle men trying to score a piece of the royalty pie.

As authors, we’ve learned that email remains the single most effective way of getting your message in front of the right crowd — including readers. Yet authors have an incredibly hard time building their subscriber lists for a variety of reasons.

This weakness presents a major opportunity. Why not launch a business that focuses on building targeted email lists that authors can use to promote and sell their books? Why not offer a way for authors to increase their exposure and build their own email lists that they can use for years to come? Why not? It’s a win-win, and why we’ve seen a handful of services similar to Forewordz emerge in recent years.

Still with us? Great, because this is where things get interesting!

How Forewordz is Different

Unlike similar services which compile deals based on what they think is worthy, we let authors take the reins and tell readers why they should download their books. After all, who knows the storyline, the characters, the helpful tips — the awesomeness of a book better than the person who wrote it? We want authors to wow and compel book lovers — to grab them by the heartstrings, tickle their funny bones, or intrigue them in a way only an author can.

Who is this author? What makes their writing different? Why would I want to read their book? It should be personal, because when you know an author, you love a book just a little bit more.

To add a little spice, we’ll give potential readers a few extra reasons to download. They’ll also have a chance to join an author’s personal community by subscribing to their email updates. All of this will be presented in the daily email alerts and on our website.

For authors, we’ll provide several formulas for maximizing sales on the day their book is promoted via Forewordz. Most authors are not aware that in order to make a popular best seller’s list, your sales have to extend beyond Amazon. Authors should also use a “stacked” advertising and promotional strategy, like the one made famous by Wayne Stinnett. We’ll give authors a step-by-step blueprint to help them increase their chances of success — not just temporarily, but for the long haul.

The World IS Round (And the eBook is NOT Dead)

Despite a recent slowdown in eBook sales , reports that physical books are gaining ground at the expense of digital are just plain wrong. There are two reasons for the slowdown in eBook growth:

  1. The rate of growth in the supply of eBooks is outweighing the growth of demand. Unlike its print counterpart, an eBook remains everlasting and ever-present once published. It doesn’t go out of print or get removed from store or library shelves. Therefore, the number of eBooks is growing exponentially year after year. The number of readers is not keeping pace. This gives the appearance that eBook sales are dwindling.
  2. The early adopters have all jumped on the eBook bandwagon. Now, the transition from print to digital is slowing down. There are still hordes of people who have not yet embraced eBooks. They prefer print. Over time, more will cross over to the bright side and embrace the digital way of life. Some will never convert, and that’s okay.

We do have plans to incorporate print and audio books into our business model. We just don’t want to bite off more than we can chew, or fall off the edge of the world.

Baby steps.

In the meantime, we have a bunch of exciting initiatives on the horizon!

We’re Collaborating with Some Pretty Awesome Authors

We’ve been taking our time constructing a useful website and doing a lot of pre-launch legwork. We’ve also put together a special VIP Author program that includes some well-known USA Today and NYT bestselling authors including the incredible Bella Andre, Shelly Crane, Ben Woodard, Toby Neal, and Douglas E. Richards, among others. They’ll receive special placement on Forewordz and free advertising for as long as they love us. Hopefully that’s forever.

So What’s Next?

At Forewordz, we’re building a platform that delivers more than spoon-fed blurbs crafted by a word-fancy editorial staff. We’re ready to deliver more than daily eBook deals that give a title a temporary boost in sales. And we’re promising a more dynamic, transparent, and friendlier process that supports both readers and authors in a fun, community-oriented environment.

We’ve assembled a team of people from all facets of the publishing and tech industries who have a passion for books. They believe in this product as much as the founder, who has been working with authors for almost twenty years. She is a bestselling author and owner of a self-publishing boutique. In her spare time, she also serves as the Vice President of a publishing industry association. Her vision — our vision — is to help readers discover the greatest books on earth, while propelling authors to the next level of success. For years to come.

Let’s go Forewordz together.

We want to hear from you! So please contact us at goforewordz @ gmail.com (no spaces). We love humor and haikus.

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