The Legend of Hanzo: Arena Tournament


Hello Hanzonians!

We are excited to announce the latest alpha release of our mobile mini-game, The Legend of Hanzo: Arena, on Google Play and iOS App stores. To celebrate the occasion, we will be conducting a tournament with prizes going to the top 50 warriors who defeat the most foes on the leaderboard.

Game Details

In The Legend of Hanzo: Arena, it’s survival of the fittest as your hero will face wave after wave of increasingly difficult monsters and unique bosses. Players must use their wits and dexterity simultaneously run, dodge, aim, and shoot to eliminate the hordes and advance to the next level. Upon completing each level, you can upgrade your hero’s attack or health before being thrust into yet another vicious battle against even tougher foes, so choose wisely! Track your progress on the global leaderboard and make a name for yourself in this surprisingly addictive and challenging arena.

Tournament Details

Starting today, July 8th and ending July 15th at midnight UTC, we’ll be conducting a tournament with a $500 prize pool. Prizes will be awarded in the player’s choice of either $BNB, $ETH, or $MATIC to the top 20 Hanzonian warriors on the leaderboard within two weeks of the tournament conclusion:

  1. $100
  2. $75
  3. $50
  4. $40
  5. $30
  6. $25
  7. $25
  8. $25
  9. $20
  10. $20
  11. $15
  12. $15
  13. $10
  14. $10
  15. $10
  16. $10
  17. $5
  18. $5
  19. $5
  20. $5

Those placing in 21st-50th place will receive whitelist access to the upcoming Limited Edition Avatar Mint. Be sure to input your ETH address to be eligible for this prize!

How to enter

  1. Like, R/T, and tag 3 friends in our tournament announcement post on Twitter
  2. Download the app on Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  3. Register in the app with your email address and choose a cool nickname to display on the leaderboard
  4. Go to “Settings” (Gear icon) and input your ETH address (required for W/L) and also your BNB or MATIC address, whichever you prefer most, to receive your prize.
  5. Battle! The more enemies you defeat, the higher your score. You can check your status on the competition leaderboard by clicking the trophy icon in the main screen menu.

NOTE: You must enter a wallet address in the previous step to join the competition leaderboard.

What’s next

This release of Hanzo Arena is still in the alpha phases of development. We have more characters, new arenas, and more features coming soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our announcements on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter to get the latest updates. See you on the leaderboard!



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