Nothing But Regret

Day 2592 of the 7 day Bible verse challenge. Romans 6:21. What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death! NIV

This is one of my favorite verses because it asks such a simple question that sin manages to keep us from asking. It’s just one of those eye-opening thoughts that breaks through all the different levels of justification that we come up with to make our sins seem okay. It gets down the basics, and that’s always something that we can all benefit from. Keep it simple. Ask the simple questions. Find the underlying problems. Consider the elementary, and you just might find that what you’ve been doing isn’t really worth doing.

The problem with sin is that it makes us think we’re gaining something. It offers us the opportunity to satisfy our wicked desires. It convinces us that it holds a freedom that leads to everything we’ve ever wanted. It makes us believe that if we’ll just give in and go along then we have an open door to do as we please. It’s no wonder that sin is so widespread and popular. It’s no wonder that people glorify wickedness and celebrate immorality. The allure of sin is tailor-made to fit what each individual is looking for.

And we blindly accept it. No questions asked. No time taken to consider all sides. Just nothing but buying this idea that freedom is found in doing what we know to be wrong. I guess it’s easier to convince ourselves that something is okay when so many other people are doing it. But the fact is that it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. What matters are the choices that we make. They’re the ones that we’re responsible for.

So we need to consider the question that Paul is asking here in Romans. What have we gained from all our sins? What did we benefit from all those days chasing the wind? What improvement did our sinful ways bring us? It’s strange, but when we look back at our sins and mistakes, that momentary appeal they may have had is far outweighed by feelings of guilt and regret. That right there is the stark reality of sin. It offers something that it can’t possibly uphold.

The freedom and pleasure that lures us in and convinces us to give up and let sin win is as hollow and deceptive as it gets. The truth is that nobody has ever gained a thing from sin. Nobody has ever stumbled upon a sin that helped them in any way. No matter how it looked or how it felt at the time, all sin does is leave us empty. It brings about but nothing but shame. It leaves only regret and this feeling of disappointment. Every. Single. Time.

Friends, it’s time that we start seeing sin for what it is. It isn’t freedom. It isn’t pleasure. It isn’t exciting. It isn’t helpful. It’s a lie. It’s a stumbling block. It’s a wicked game designed to lure us in, break us down, and leave us dependent upon its fleeting sense of excitement and control. We can talk all day about the lies that sin makes people believe. We can discuss the power it has to deceive people. But the question that cuts to the chase and opens our eyes to worthlessness of sin is what do we gain from the things that we become ashamed of?

No matter how anything may feel or look at the beginning, ask yourself what you’ll gain in the end. Ask yourself if it will leave you better than you were before. Ask if it is going to help you or harm you. Folks, sin is the epitome of deceptive, but we have the ability to see through the fog of lies if we just choose to do so. God will always help us make the right choices. He will help us navigate through the temptations that life brings our way. But we have to be the ones to make our choices for the best reason that we can.

In the end, if it doesn’t help us then it hurts us. If it doesn’t make us better then it pulls us down. If it’s wrong, it’s just wrong. Don’t let sin keep convincing you otherwise. There’s nothing to be gained down those broken roads. You know that as well as I do. Hold tight to that knowledge next time sin comes knocking on your door. When you know there’s nothing worthwhile on the other side, it makes it easier to keep from opening the door and letting it in.

Each of us have an entire lifetime filled with proof that sin is a liar and that it brings absolutely nothing good to our lives. It only brings us down, breaks us apart, and leaves us struggling to find any joy left in a world built on empty promises. Time to turn around and start chasing something better, something that will actually bring something good into our lives. At the end of the day, we each have to choose between sin and the Son. Just know that only one of those options can ever possibly make you better.



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